My action sons friend sex stories. We split from my partner a decade ago bit always kept close together with her son.

.as he got older he arrived to exert effort for me personally at my office supplies office.

With me and used my place as a hang out for him and his friends …I got on well with the was a good group of young men and women and all got on well with my girlfriend Hayley as he got older he spent more time.

Well this 1 evening I was in fact out with Hayley we came house drunk we sat down and before we could relax there clearly was a knock regarding the home we launched it …it was one of my son’s buddies Holly. She was crying. I asked her in …she sat there and told us it was her 18th birthday celebration and she was having a quarrel along with her boyfriend and then he had dumped her out of their automobile and left her stranded as her phone was at the automobile. She had knocked to see if my son was in …after some consoling we stated she should rest downstairs and I’d drop her down into the early morning.

When you look at the i made her a tea and she said sorry for ruining our night. I gave her a lift home morning.

The next week-end we had a celebration prepared for my son’s 19th birthday ended up being all going well the doorway rang and it also had been Holly and wow she looked stunning. She ended up being extremely petite simply over 5 base dark shoulder size brown locks slim small human anatomy with dense legs bit all in proportion…she ended up being wearing only a little blue gown …”wow. You look amazing. ” We stated permitting her me once again for a week ago. In she blushed and thanked.

The evening ended up being going well we had been all quite drunk that has been until Hayley got too drunk and started a quarrel …she ended up being constantly really volatile we attempted to soothe the problem down and she went down at me personally saying I became using sides. She wound up storming out from the celebration. I happened to be fuming therefore it wasn’t a very good time for hollys boyfriend to make up. He began tossing his fat about with Holly thus I grabbed him roughing him up a little and telling him in no in some terms which he had been done right here …Holly thanked me and provided me with a kiss calling me her hero.

The evening continued every one got drunk and I also visited bed I text Hayley to be sure she was okay. She simply text talk in early morning.

We dropped asleep aided by the celebration nevertheless in complete move.

We woke it absolutely was dark when I lay there I knew something was different I couldn’t put my finger on it but it was different better as I stirred I realised I wasn’t alone in bed and my soft cock was in someone’s mouth …my first thought was that Hayley had come back to the cock grew in her warm mouth.

We pulled the covers straight straight back hoping to see a relative mind of blonde locks to my surprise a he’d of brown locks greeted me personally. I learnt over and flicked the dining dining dining table lamp in.

“Shit” I said when I seemed down it had been Holly that has my cock inside her lips we sat up pushing her down me personally. ”what the fuck ” we stated speechless of every meaningful terms

“Oh come on” she stated grabbing for my cock once more “no. You have to go” we said. She simply giggled and undone her gown pulling it over her mind …she ended up being now kneeling on my sleep simply in a thong and bra. I jumped up my cock nevertheless difficult and forced the lock over in the home. I didn’t wish anybody bursting in about this situation.

” I’ve fancied you for a long time ” she said “well you nonetheless still need to go ” we replied she wandered on the knees to your side of the sleep “don’t you fancy me personally? ” She asked with a fake sulking face. The truth had been used to do fancy her she really was stunning along with her human anatomy had been amazing …i’m just individual and my might to resist had been fading fast …After even more conversation going know where “ok I’ll leave “she said standing her sexy ass Wimbledon as she moved to pick her dress she wandered to the home she tossed by by herself on me kissing me personally. I attempted to prevent but i possibly couldn’t her hand covered around my cock as my arms cupped her ass. We strolled entwined to your sleep we dropped on the bed…she dropped between my feet drawing my cock just like a porn star for 18; she actually knew how exactly to draw cock.

I lifted her to her feet her body ended up being amazing small c glass tits on a decent human body and dense ass and legs I pulled her thong down and she stepped from it. I pulled her on for me and lay her regarding the sleep …her pussy ended up being therefore neat and un utilized she had been shaven except a tiny v shape tuff … My tongue tasted her for the very first time. She tasted so great my tongue circled her little clit …her human body writhing in satisfaction her young juices we’re moving and tasted very nearly sweet.

I flipped her around her juicy ass floating around We pulled her ass cheeks aside slowing my tongue space to pick over her precious ass opening

.my cock ended up being now dripping pre cum we climbed up her body kneeling over her ass. I separated her feet somewhat so we could see her pussy. I guided my cock to her pussy rubbing my helmet down and up her slit …I then pressed my helmet in between her tight pussy lips she discrete a groan and girated her sides we pushed just a little deeper keeping my shift rigid since it struggled to enter her tight cunt. She grabbed the pillow as I carefully glided inside and outside of her once in a while going only a little much deeper. I viewed as her pussy clamped around my shaft. I dropped onto her and started thrusting harder into her tight small pussy her groans growing louder we rolled her over so she ended up being laying in a reverse cowgirl position my hand covered her mouth stifling her moans. She sat up her dense ass seemed amazing since it rode me …

I happened to be now completely deep inside her and god she ended up being tight she switched and rode me cowgirl We reached behind releasing her bra. Her perfect small titties bouncing me i grabbed her shoulder forcing her harder on to me which she loved cumming over my cock as she rode …

We tossed her off me place information her in doggy place her knees tucked under her and ass within the atmosphere I slipped into her my cock covered in her own juices glided into her. I experienced attempted to screw her carefully however now i simply desired her tight cunt. I plowed into her utilizing my full size her body was being shoved across the sleep utilizing the force of my thrusts We place liked my cock out she knew it had been near and I also endured regarding the sleep and she knelt licking her juices off my cock wanking me furiously …my human anatomy stiffened and I also exploded my cum over her chin and down onto her tits she drained my cum from me personally as she applied my cock over her breasts.

We fucked alot from then on even though she got in with that worthless cunt of the boyfriend …even she was a great fuck and only got better at her 18