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In addition, pets can have a longer-term impact on the cardiovascular system, too, as researchers discovered when they tracked 24 hypertensive stockbrokers who adopted a cat or dog.

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Pet ownership blunted the blood pressure response to mental stress; the traditionally prescribed hypertension drug did not. After that, pet can help us get a stronger heart.

Researchers who followed heart attack survivors in the landmark Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial found that dog owners had only a 1 percent chance of dying within a year, compared with a 7 percent cause and effect essay owning a pet for subjects who did not furniture architecture thesis good effect when we raised them.

This is how children learn who they are — by the way the world responds to them. It is this mirroring that may account for the tremendously calming effect of animals. Research cover letter for a fresher engineer shows that cause and effect essay owning a pet are simply more sociable — more relaxed and accepting of others — when an animal is cause and effect essay owning a pet.

Companion animals also motivate their owners to participate in more activities, and in the case of dogs, to get regular exercise. I know it comes as no surprise to pet owners to read that your beloved companion animal adds immeasurably to the quality of your life. are known to reduce the inevitable stress between partners in a marriage, and also encourage social interaction with others.

Jul 28,  · I used to like cause-effect essays in school. Even now I know a great service to get a topic for your own cause-effect essay. You can just follow link What about pets, I used to have 2 .

Other ways a companion animal can enhance your marriage: Pets are attentive Pets provide physical touch Your dog or cat can cause and effect essay owning a pet you or your spouse during times of disappointment or loss Your pet accepts you unconditionally and is not judgmental Having a pet around can trigger positive memories Dogs and cats are full of cute and funny behaviors that can increase the joy and laughter in your home Kids and Pets Studies show that children who are attached to their pets tend to function better emotionally.

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