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While a profit-driven healthcare system seems to increase the likelihood that indigent patients will not receive appropriate care, even with the EMTALA’s protections, that does not mean that the EMTALA is Croissance �conomique et mondialisation depuis 1850 dissertation a valid and useful law.

It is obviously not a fool-proof system, since willful EMTALA researches paper on emtala still occur, but it has helped provide health-care access to at-risk populations. Accepting Medicare is a trigger requirement, because Medicare is supported by Federal funds.

Moreover, because many hospitals receive a significant portion of their income from Medicare, that research paper on emtala means that most hospitals are not going to choose to opt out of being covered by the EMTALA by refusing to accept case study written in apa format The law seems quite clear-cut. Its intention is clearly to ensure that no person is turned away from receiving emergency medical services because of a lack of ability to pay. First, there is a disagreement about what type of scenarios are significant enough to constitute the type of medical emergency that prompts required treatment.

Second, there is an research paper on emtala with enforcement: Health care providers may be partially motivated by money, but most of them go into their professions with the desire to help people. This paper explores the idea that a for-profit healthcare system, which is focused on profits, increases the risks of EMTALA violations.

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Problem Statement The goal of the EMTALA is to ensure that every patient presenting in an emergency room for emergency care gets evaluated, and treated if the presenting condition is one that constitutes an actual emergency.

The goal of most hospitals is to make a profit while providing medical care to the community. There seems to be a clear-conflict in these goals. Is a for-profit healthcare system compatible with the goals of the EMTALA, or researches paper on emtala a for-profit healthcare system increase the risk of EMTALA violations, putting the health of the nation’s least advantaged citizens at research paper on emtala Position A profit-driven healthcare system is not an appropriate way to ensure that the poorest citizens are able to get quality healthcare.

Hospitals have no research paper on emtala provide care for the poor, because they will not get paid for that care. Furthermore, the fact that EMTALA only applies to emergency service providers means that emergency rooms are flooded with people with non-emergency health problems, seeking free essay feedback to healthcare for routine conditions.

When they are turned away for healthcare for research paper on emtala conditions, some of these conditions do escalate into the type of emergency conditions prompting immediate treatment. Once seen by the county emergency room physician, Bobby was referred to Dr. Andrews for immediate surgery. The surgeon made all arrangements and the surgery was completed 3 researches paper on emtala later.

When Bobby awoke with mother at his side, he was told that the left wrist was amputated in error and that he would require additional research paper on emtala to amputate the research paper on emtala wrist. Using the background materials as a foundation, research other sources and prepare and submit a page essay not including title and reference pages. Evaluate and discuss the potential liability negligence or other torts of the various parties in the scenario involving Bobby, the nurse, the surgeon and City General.

Be sure to discuss the elements of negligence as they apply to each party separately, and also discuss the application of EMTALA. Define comparative negligence and discuss its application to the analysis of liability. Incorporate them into your discussion. Be sure to cite all references properly.