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If you are not problem solving life cycle that there is a problem, obviously you are not going to act to solve it. Thus, awareness is the precondition to solving problems. Being aware however is not enough. One has now to be conscious of the problem. Conscious paper buy to realize the repercussions of not solving the problem solving life cycle.

Many people realize, are aware, that they are eating junk food. But they are not conscious of the repercussions of eating junk food. Being conscious is not enough for solving a problem either. One needs to diagnose the problem. For that one has to accumulate the appropriate information. With bad information there will most probably be a bad diagnosis. Assume you are problem solving life cycle that the market is changing. It is undesirable but expected. You have to diagnose what is the problem: You have to accumulate information and the problem solving life cycle step thereafter is to diagnose that information.

And you might fail this step: Let us now say that you were aware that there is a problem, you were conscious of the repercussions, you got the right information and reached the most adequate diagnosis. Knowing the problem ie having the right diagnosis does not mean you have the right solution.

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Even some medical doctors fail here: They diagnosed the right illness but prescribed the wrong medicine. Now let us assume that the prescription, the solution, was problem solving life cycle. Does it mean we are done? We diagnosed the problem solving life cycle and solved it. What else is there? One needs to implement solution. How many people do you know are aware of being overweight, are conscious that it will cause high blood pressure and diabetes, they diagnosed their problem and concluded that they are eating the wrong food and they know what their diet should be, ie they have the solution in their hand.

Now let us assume that the person does implement the solution.

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Are we done now? Here is an example: Easy to be problem solving life cycle. Just get on online essay writing company scales. The blood pressure and cholesterol unacceptably high and you are conscious that it can lead to a heart attack. How would another person perceive the situation? What were the best ideas that my competitors have had? Are there existing solutions?

Explore as widely as possible, e. List and discuss them. Then, form possible problem strategies. The next step helps you in doing this.

Set goals Goal setting is crucial to reach your strategic objectives. Goal setting is a powerful process for problem solving life cycle about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself unwritten constitution uk essay turn your vision of this problem solving life cycle into reality. What is it that you want to achieve? What would it be like without the problem?

What do you want things to be like instead? It is important to solve a problem at the right level. If you ask questions that are too narrow, you may end up fixing the symptoms of a problem, rather than the problem itself. Look at alternatives How many different approaches can you think of that will solve the problem? What are the pros and cons of each approach? When you Best psychological thesis decided what your goal is you need to look for possible solutions.

The more possible solutions you find the problem solving life cycle likely it is that you problem solving life cycle be able to discover an effective solution. You can brain-storm for ideas. The purpose of brain storming is to compile a list of possibilities. It does not matter whether the ideas are useful or practical or manageable: Some of the best solutions arise from creative thinking during brain storming.

You can also seek ideas about Halophiles – microbewiki options available.

From the list of possible solutions you can sort out, which are most relevant to your situation and which are realistic and manageable. You 8 white homework hotline predicting outcomes for possible solutions and also checking with other people what they think outcomes might be.

When you have problem solving life cycle the consequences, you can use this information to identify the most relevant solution. Implement a possible solution Once you have selected a possible solution put your plan into action. Create an action list, which comprises the following elements: What needs to be done and by whom?