Guide to Writing Scholarship Essay Prompts

What is a Scholarship Essay Prompt?

Scholarship essays prompt students to write something unique from the ordinary. These prompts are often based on various events that happened to a person. For instance, you could be asked to write about your great-grandfather who was a blacksmith. This prompts a lot of feelings among students because most of them think that their great-grandfather was a criminal. This prompts them the help movie review essay to lean towards the criminal side of their brains and not the scholarly side.

The importance of these prompts cannot be disregarded. Many students do not know how to approach a prompt and end up submitting a paper that is not satisfactory. Some even write the prompt wrong and fail to get the scholarship they were aiming for. Others do not know how to construct a prompt meaning that they end up losing out on vital marks that they could have obtained.

How to Make Your Scholarship Essay Prompt Effective?

Having a useful prompt is an essential step to being successful in your scholarship essay. Here is how you can make your prompt useful.

Choose an Unusual Topic

Picking an unusual topic is a good start for your scholarship essay because it will attract the writer’s attention. Once the reader is attracted to your essay, they will want to know more about you and your story. Writing on a familiar topic might bore the reader because they might already know everything about you. Writing an essay on your great-great-grandfather will probably seem like a boring boring story. Therefore, to keep your reader intrigued, choose an unusual topic.

Write a Captivating Story

Start your essay by introducing your great-great-grandfather to the reader. After this, tell the whole story of how your great-great-grandfather became a criminal. Explain to the reader in details how he/she changed his ways. Even though the story is old, it should be inspiring because it gives a feeling of belonging to a different time. Tell the reader about how your great-great-grandfather worked hard in the family business and eventually opened a tannery that manufactured shoes.

Prove Your Grit and Dedication

Your great-great-grandfather had to leave school at the age of 15 to start working in the tannery. Even though he had no education beyond high school, he managed to start making a significant amount of money. It was thanks to his hard work and persistence that the business was sustained. Also, explain to the reader how your great-great-grandfather was arrested for robbery but managed to escape the punishment because of his grit and dedication.

Learn a Different Phrase

After telling your great-great-grandfather’s story, write down another phrase that the reader can use to describe you. This will not only keep your essay interesting, but it will also prove that you are intelligent.


Writing a good prompt is not enough. To be successful in your scholarship essay, you must also prove that you are a different person. You have to prove that you are determined and that you will not let anything hold you back. Start writing your essay now.