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Protecting intellectual property rights in China turns out to be a real challenge for foreign corporations, which operate on that market.

Intellectual property

The essay on protecting intellectual property rights suggests that it is actually the biggest problem, which a company operating in China is going to face. By being unprepared to correctly tackle this challenge, companies from the USA and Europe have lost hundreds of millions a lot in revenues. The second point the article discusses is what companies need discover the world essay know in order to understand the reasons behind the threat for their Pips in China.

The articles suggests that there are essay on protecting intellectual property rights factors, which are influencing the IP rights threat in China. The first factor is the fact that China wants to be a leader in technology by The Chinese are aiming to achieve this goal by improving on the products of foreign companies.

The second factor is that in present days, unlike in the past, in order to be competitive in China, foreign companies need to produce and offer technologically innovative products there. This fact, combined with the intention of Chinese companies to develop their products on top of foreign products, creates an environment, which really put IP rights of foreign investors in China at risk. Thirdly, the must also analyze the opportunities and threats of the specific region in China, which they are going to operate in.

Thy must know the legal fundamentals of the region and follow it, not the one of their countries of operation. Internal control procedures and proper separation of duties must be in place.

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Data traffic monitoring technology is also a must. Last, but not least companies must have excellent essay on protecting intellectual property rights motivation policies and demonstrate that they are engaged in corporate social responsibility. Please give me a essay topics for international trade Students will meet for one class hour per week and for one hour a week with instructor to examine and complete field work assignments.

Intellectual property (IP) is a category of property that includes intangible creations of the human intellect, and primarily encompasses copyrights, patents, and trademarks. It also includes other types of rights, such as trade secrets, publicity rights, moral rights, and rights against unfair www.doorway.comic works like music and literature, as well as .

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