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HR Management in the 21st Century: As the business world journeyed into the 21st century, the traditional ways of handling many Bachelor thesis online banking of technology, the ongoing fight for diversity in the workplace, and expansion on globalization. Because these essays on importance of computer in 21st century also effect the employees within the workplace, this has forced the field of human resource management to change rapidly. This paper examines the rapid change in Human Resource Management throughout the 21st century.

Human Resource Management is defined as a developmental function in an organization that helps employees and management teams maintain rules, essays on importance of computer in 21st century, incentives, salaries, etc. Research was conducted to find ways of how HRM functions have changed throughout the last few decades. Some findings included the use of technology through recruiting and managing protected information, the on-going fight for equality in the workplace for the LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community, and the expansion of globalization.

As a result, the research provide will prove that change is here to stay and increase with improvement and efficiency.

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Technology in HRM has changed the way businesses essay on importance of computer in 21st century possible candidates and manage confidential information.

Before posting jobs online, HR teams relied on posting and seeking new employees through newspapers and other kinds of written publications. Since technology has evolved, employers are now using outlets such as social media, online job publications, i.

Johnson writer of Transforming HR through Technology, states that: These new technologies have also cut costs and are more efficient to use. This in turn saves money on using traditional form of recruiting such as search firms, temp agencies, and advertising methods.

Technology Of The 21st Century. The twenty-first century will be remembered for the fast-paced technology development. A lot of technology advancement took place in this century.

Human Resource departments are usually the holders of sensitive employee information at any company. This sensitive information includes social security numbers, health-related information, legal issues, etc. With technology being more prominent in the Human Resources essay on importance of computer in 21st century, this confidential information is readily accessed in computer systems. Because of the easily accessible documents, HR tries to be as safe and protected as possible when handling essay on importance of computer in 21st century information with password protection databases and other levels of security that monitors the documents.

An article written by Valerie Bolden-Barrett from Smallbusiness. These are just a few aspects that have shifted in the new century and human resource departments must maintain this high level of security as technology to advance. The authors of Voice, silence, and diversity in 21st century organizations: Being forced to remain closeted, living with the fear of being terminated, and lack of partner benefits are just a few of the concerns unique to GLBT employees.

While globalization is not something entirely new in the workforce, it has increased significantly in Because of the integration, globalization is brought into the HR environment. Globalization is very important to HR because they are now not only in control and must take care of their American workers, but also the workers overseas. Priti Ramjee of Chron. Although HR has taken on many new aspects, there is always more room for change.

Terhawk goes on to explain that essay on importance of computer in 21st century innovations have made the concept of globalization even more attainable and in the future, there will be more of a premium on companies that are globally agile in that regard. Human Rights Campaign also has essay on importance of computer in 21st century for the future. As of April88 percent of the Fortune companies had implemented non-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation, and 57 percent had policies that include gender identity.

Technology provides new ways to recruit possible candidates in a way that newspapers and wanted ads were never able to do. These ways are able to find the best fit for the job available easily accessible resumes, contact information, etc. Discrimination laws will begin to provide more detail due to the global business environment.

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