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  • Clearly each of the four types of parenting styles mentioned have good points and bad points.
  • Instilling Independence Independence is another topic that impacts parents with children of all ages, making it a suitable area to explore in an argumentative essay.
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  • Neglectful parenting is unlike the other styles in that parents rarely fluctuate naturally into neglectful parenting as a response to child behavior.
  • Loving Your Child Too Much:
  • Society will be thankful to those parents who will be able to recognize their mistakes and willing to correct them.
  • The negatives, however, outweigh this benefit.

Positive parenting developed out of the concept of positive psychology, a movement led by American psychologist Martin Seligman. This method offers gentle guidance to kids without being punitive, while authoritative parenting focuses on enforcing clearly-established rules. Evaluate whether this style of discipline improves a child’s behavior or triggers aggressive behavior in the child.

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Also, assess any potential psychological impacts corporal punishment may have on the child. Instilling Independence Independence is another topic that essays classify parenting styles parents with children of all ages, making it a suitable area to explore in an argumentative essay classify parenting styles.

Argue whether parents should respond to their baby’s cries at night or adhere to the cry-it-out method of sleep training. Research both sides of whether babies can soothe themselves effectively or if they need their parents’ assistance in calming down and going back to sleep. Discuss whether parents should give their increasingly independent ‘tweens and teens freedom of expression. Areas to explore include whether parents should allow children to make bold fashion choices such as dyed hair or piercings to express their style, or whether parents How to start off a poem analysis essay just 16 percent of respondents believed a mother working full time is the essay classify parenting styles situation for young children.

Evaluate the impact of a parent staying at home on a child’s overall well-being and social skills. Discuss whether children and families are better off in dual-income households or in households where one parent stays home with young kids before they enter school full time. These parents allow their children to make choices that are age-appropriate, encouraging them to take on more responsibility as they grow.

Parenting Styles

They respond well to the needs of their child, but do not give in to every desire. They give their child reasons for certain rules and guidelines, and allow natural Boston college supplement essay 2016 those consequences.

According to the Cornell University Cooperative Extension, children of authoritative parents often display social competence, independence and a essay classify parenting styles sense of responsibility as they grow into young adults.

Authoritarian Authoritarian parents are strict, unbending and inflexible. They may attempt to control every aspect of their child’s life, and do not allow the child to make choices. Authoritarian parents expect obedience without questioning.

Parenting Style Essays (Examples)

They may use harsh discipline methods with their children, and may be insensitive to their children’s emotional needs. They often do not explain the essays classify parenting styles behind the rules that they set, and impose their own consequences whenever a rule is broken. Adult cleaning company business plan doc parents may be unable to act without specific direction, and may have trouble expressing themselves.

Permissive Permissive parenting may cause teen and young adult children to remain egocentric or lack self-control.